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What is a Powerflush & do I need one?

A Powerflush is the proccess of removing sludge, magnetite and other contaminates from your central heating system and boiler using a powerfull flushing machine along with chemicals and clean water

There are some common signs that your system could be in need of being power flushed

  • Radiators have cold spots or don't heat up at all

  • Boiler is noisy, this could be banging or kettling/boiling type noises

  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators

  • Rumbling or banging noises from pipework or airing cupboard

Some of these problems may be able to be resolved without the need of power flushing but if you have more than one of these issues then there's a good possibility your system would benefit from a Power flush.​

What are the benefits of having a Powerflush?

The results of powerflushing mean your boiler doesnt need to work as hard to heat your home, your radiators will heat up quicker and more evenly and will ultimately save you money on your gas bill. This is achieved by removing the sludge buildup within your system and allows your system to circulate more freely, this means the boiler will not be working as hard to heat your home.

What are the consequences of not powerflushing?

A system that is not power flushed when needed will slowly get worse over time as the sludge and contaminates slowly build up. Not only is this a waste of gas but if left for long periods of time it can ultimately get to the point where your pipework and possibly the boiler itself is so restricted that you will struggle to heat your home to the required temperatures. In the worst of cases boilers have had to be replaced as they are so blocked even the powerflush machine and chemicals where unable to clear the sludge. The heating pipework can also become so blocked its impossible to clear and needs replacing completey, this can mean huge amounts of disruption in your home. This is more of a problem in newer build homes as the pipework used in the heating system can be a lot smaller than what is traditionally used in older properties.

Prices start from £400 +VAT for upto 12 radiator

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