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Below you can find some of our frequently asked questions from customers

Do I need a power flush?

We often get calls from customers who have been told they need there boiler/system power flushed, if you click here you can read a full explanation  on how a power flush is carried out, problems it can resolve and symptom's to look out for.

Do i need to get my boiler serviced?

There are many reasons why you should have your boiler serviced yearly. The most important reason is so it can be checked for safe operation. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and without having your boiler serviced you could be totally unaware if the boiler was leaking this dangerous scentless gas. Not only is your boiler checked for safe operation during a service but the general condition of the boiler is also checked. This can sometimes catch a small issue which could be repaired cheaply before more damage is caused, which could then mean having to pay to have your boiler replaced. If your boiler is still under warranty with the manufacturer then they will require you to have the boiler serviced each year to keep this warranty valid. Click here to see what checks we complete when servicing your boiler.

What is the cost to have a new boiler fitted?

The price of having a boiler replaced can vary greatly depending on the warranty required and the age of the existing heating system and if it needs to be updated to conform with building regulation.Boilers can be replaced for as low as £1250 + VAT. Click HERE to get an instant online quotation.

Will a new boiler save me money?

All new boilers fitted in the UK are A rated and at least 90% efficient however some are as high as 94% efficient, if your current boiler is not as efficient then you cold well save your self money every month by having a new boiler fitted. If you are not sure how efficient your boiler is then you can check hereSome of the older back boilers and floor standing boilers are under 65% efficient which could mean the gas savings each month could actually cover the cost of having a new boiler fitted  with a finance agreement.

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